Attention 6 to 7 Figures Online Based Business Owner:
Put 90% Of Your Day-To Day Operations On Controlled Autopilot
1 Day To Transform Your Business Into A Smooth-Running SMART Company That Can Prosper Without You.
Would You Like To Know How To Implement A Powerful Step-by-Step Efficient Business Operating Standardized System™ In Your Business So It Can Run Smoothly Without You And Make You Finally Regain Your Entrepreneurial Freedom?
/əˈfiSHənt/ (adj.) : an efficient entrepreneur achieves maximum results with minimum wasted effort or expense thanks to a well-organized professional and personal structure. He can run his business hands off by being an effective leader who knows how to leverage the power of people and systems.
On the opposite side, for most entrepreneurs, life and business isn't as harmonious. The 4 hour work week has gone from absolute motivation to complete delusion. Because lets be honest here, it takes more than 4 hours a week to grow a business. In addition, we have a family, friends, responsibilities, in short what we call LIFE!

Here is the reality: most entrepreneurs are in the burnout zone and have a hard time managing 1. Themselves, 2. Their Business, 3. Their Family Life.

You got in business to be FREE. You worked hard to build your business, you now have financial success but you realize that you have become prisoner of what you've created.

  •  You have hundred of emails to reply (and you don't reply to most of them, right?). 
  •  You have to attend meeting after meeting and you feel that you're wasting your time..
  •  You spend most of your time reacting, trying to solve problems and putting out fires
  •  What used to be fun is now a chore
  •  You have no idea on what to focus and you have too many new ideas on which you can't execute
  •  Your agenda is filled with long to-do lists
  •  You feel that if you turn off your phone, your business will implode
  •  You are stuck IN your business when you know you should be working ON your business
  •  You are always feeling stressed and you can't disconnect
  •  You work a lot (too much) and you wish you'd have enough time for what really matters...
This cartoon of spanish artist Joan Cornella illustrates perfectly the modern day entrepreneur's reality: emails, calls, projects, deadlines, meditating to keep himself sane, pretending everything is going great... while his business is on fire... burning, with him, to the ground.
Is this you? 

If it is your reality, don't worry... you're not the only one. The truth is that most entrepreneurs are exactly like you.

We are hustlers. We have that unique ability to transform thoughts and ideas into reality. Unfortunately, we are more than often victims of our own capacity to do so. We do too much... and with time, we lose grip on our business and life.

Remember why you became an entrepreneur in the first place? I bet you wanted to have time, freedom and finally create a meaningful business. Am I right?

Now what if I could help you structure your business so you can stop feeling overwhelmed all the time? Would you let me help you. 

It's Simple: Structure creates Freedom.

That why...
If You Want To Reclaim Your Entrepreneurial Freedom,  I'd Like To Extend A Special Invite To Apply To Our Self-Driving Business™ Workshop
A 1-Day, Small Group, Virtual Intensive That Will Transform:
1. Your Business Into A SMART Self-Driving Company That Can Prosper Without You.

2. You into an Efficient, Performant & Free Business Owner.
The Self-Driving Business™ Virtual  Workshop is a 1-day online intensive, delivered in a LIVE virtual classroom that will allow you to regain full control over your life & business. Following our Effic™ Process, you will learn and implement your own Effic Business Operating Simple System™ so you can leave the program with all the tools you'll need to LEAD an extremely efficient business that maximizes freedom and profits. You will also be equipped with cutting edge Life & Business Architecture™ systems for optimum Self-Leadership so you can live the life that you want, a life perfectly harmonized with your business and that fits the needs of your entrepreneurial mindset. Dave will ensure everything is implemented and mastered before the end of the program.
Your Life & Business Will NEVER Be The Same After Implementing The Effic Process, It's Guaranteed! Here's a list of the 4 key areas will work in together

Efficient Business Leadership: 
A Smarter Approach To The Way You Lead Yourself, Your Team 
& Your Business: 

Clarity over the Effic Business Model and decision of the Business Destination so we can map out your journey to build a 7-figure Self-Driving Business company. We'll show you an efficient self-leadership structure that gives you control of your time, work and energy by implementing cutting-edge, proven techniques that free up your time, increase your income, lower your stress and multiply your productivity. It will allow you to create your BEST work without burning out.

Your Online Business Integrator: 
How To Find, Onboard & Lead Your Online Business Integrator 
aka Your "Donna"

It's time to start taking your hands off the wheel and let the driving to someone who can drive the business better than you do. That's right. Most entrepreneurs are the biggest operational bottleneck in their business. They are stuck on a micro-management level that doesn't serve them or the business. It's time time change this and onboard someone who can take the wheel on a daily basis, saving you Time, Energy & more importantly Money! We'll teach you the D.O.A. process we use to have your Online Business integrator Delegate, Outsource and Automate everything for you.

The Effic Business Operating Standadized System: 
The Systems You Need To Put 90% of Your Business On Controlled Autopilot

An efficient business system that turns it Into a smooth-running smart company that can prosper without you and that you can run hands off remotely while making it more profitable. You will leave with a simple operating system dashboard designed for your business. You will be able to easily manage your business with your ipad, from anywhere in the world.
  •  How to finally start working ON your business instead of IN your business (…and stop working all the time).
  •  The fireproof business structure where you never have to put out fires or deal with non-stop emergencies and never ending to-do lists.
  •  I'll reveal the NUMBER ONE simple business tweak that will save you thousands of dollars instantly... Seriously, if I gave you this and nothing else, it alone would be worth your investment in the workshop.
  •  Design of a clear "Done-By-Noon" Schedule so you can achieve more by noon than others in a full day. You'll feel focused and in control - I'll show you my calendar as a real example of what's possible. 
  •  The secrets to working SMART and achieving MORE by working LESS with the establishment of your Effective Work Baseline: How to fit a 40-hour workweek into 18.5 hours using our Focus Boxing Method. 
  •  The simple framework to implement powerful & sustainable Routines & Rituals to your life.
  •  How to do everything ONCE and forget about it: The secrets to successfully outsource and automate your business.
  •  The unique method for you and your team to manage your projects and plan your work week to reach ALL your goals systematically.
  •  How to find and hire your Super Assistant (Operator) aka Your "Donna".
  •  How to streamline your day to day operations and have a crystal clear vison of what is going on in your business.
  •  How to declutter your mind, organize your thoughts and the easy process to successfully manage and turn your overflow of ideas that you have as an entrepreneur into mental clarity.
  •  Map out your quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily actions and the calendar so you know exactly what to do to achieve amazing results in your life and business in the next year! You'll learn a unique method that will guarantee that you'll always be working in the RIGHT things. 
  •  The smooth 4-step Effective Execution process to get easily manage all your projects and finally meet your deadlines.
  •  Set up of your Strategic Boundaries: a system for swatting away external distractions and manage your overflow of ideas (internal distractions). These boundaries will serve as your fireproof blanket that will end reactivity and eliminate emergencies. The ultimate system for self-control.
  •  We'll setup your own virtual R.O.M.E. Playbook where you will keep all your business's procedures so you only have to do things once. (BONUS: we'll give you access to some of our best Done-For-You procedures.)
  •  How to condense all your time-sucking team meetings into a once a week 1-hour super meeting that will turn your team into a powerful productive machine
  •  Our unique hiring process to find "Grade A" team players and how to manage them remotely.
  •  How to easily communicate with your team and ensure they get it done everyday, even if you're not there.
  •  Our profit boosting KPI's and Data Hub to turn simple numbers into big profits in less than 10 minutes a day.
  •  How to achieve inbox zero everyday. The simple email management system to only spend 15 minutes a day on emails and have an empty inbox at the end of every single day.
  •  What automation tools to use to put 80% of your business on controlled autopilot so you can focus on the important 20%.
  •  The principles to achieve sustainable and purposeful performance without burning out.
  •  All the Effic™ Tools you'll need to have your most organized year ever. You'll be equipped with your own step-by-step playbook that will contain all the implementation checklists we'll be working on during the weekend.
  •  In short...
You Will Learn How To Upgrade Your Business :
You Will Learn How To Manage Your Business :
Space Is Limited - Only 20 Spots Available For Each Workshop
Reserve Yours Now Before It's Too Late!
About Your Coach :  Dave Ruel
Amongst his peers, Dave Ruel is known as the Architect, the man who can create highly efficient and sustainable business structures. He's also the founder of Effic, a company specialized in entrepreneurial efficiency that helps entrepreneurs regain their entrepreneurial freedom by showing them how to do less while achieving more using simple operational systems so they can own a business they can run hands off and prosper without them.

Dave is also a serial entrepreneur who has founded several 7-figure online companies. He specializes in creating businesses that maximize profit and freedom.

Using his simple life and business structures, without any full-time employees on payroll while traveling the world with his wife and daughter, here is what Dave was able to achieve:

* Sold over 50,000 fitness books published in 4 languages.
* Generated more than 16 million dollars in sales.
* Brought a supplements company from $100k to $3.2 Millions in annual sales by streamlining its operations.
* Systematized and Automated the operations for many of the worlds top online entrepreneurs.
* Coached entrepreneurs all around the world in countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Panama and of course Canada and the USA.

Dave lives on the east coast of Canada with his wife Karine, his daughter Charlie-Anna and their dog Kanaille.

Stefan James,

Dave has one of the best business minds I’ve ever met. He has an incredible ability to turn his vision into a reality, through his incredible resourcefulness and commitment to excellence.

Gair Maxwell, International Speaker

Dave is an unrivalled force when it comes to leveraging the power of systems, strategy and success habits to create sustainable business models that anyone can use to make their own way in this world.
When does the Workshop start and when does it end?
We start at 9am and we wrap it up at 5pm. There is a 1-hour lunch break starting at noon.
How much does it cost?
The registration cost to the virtual workshop is only $497. Since this is a virtual a group workshop that takes place in a LIVE virtual classroom, we're able to make it extremely affordable. Comparable to our $5,000 In-Person Workshop. This way, we're able to create a great Done-With-You experience where we assist you with the implementation of each training components.
Will I have access to the recording?
Absolutely, a recording of the workshop will be available in the Effic Academy members area as well as all the worksheets and templates.
Why a Virtual Workshop instead of a traditional online course or in-person workshop?
We decided to create a workshop over an online course for a clear reason:  it's a better format! You see, only 10% of students implement what they learn in a classic online course. This numbers goes to a low single digit when it comes to free information. That's not what we want... We know how life-changing our systems are, that's why we want to ensure they will be implemented properly. The fact that it's a virtual workshop allows our students to save on travel and accommodation. On our end, the cost of renting a meeting room and travels allows us to substantially lower the tuition cost for our students.
Do you offer this service privately?
Yes, we do. The only way you used to have access to me implementing these systems into your business was either through private consulting ($35,000 one-week in-business implementation) or if you're part of my Effic Leaders Mentorship Group ($12,000 a year tuition). We also offer In-Person workshops ($5000). That's why I created these 2-day workshops. It allows me work with more clients while keeping the cost low for you, the small business owner who doesn't have Tens of Thousands of dollars to hire me as a private consultant.
Do you offer receipts so that I can get reimbursed by my company?
We do! You will receive a detailed receipt indicating that this program is designed to provide continuing education on the science of personal productivity and peak performance. If you need a customized receipt, simply let us know.
Who is Dave Ruel and why should I listen to him?
I'm a serial entrepreneur who has founded several 7-figure online companies for the past 10 years and masters the art of creating self-driving businesses . I specialize in creating businesses that maximize profit and freedom. 
Is there a guarantee?
100% Money Back Guarantee! We fully expect this to be one of the most life-upgrading trainings you will ever attend. However, if for any reason you do not feel this event was the right choice for you, just let us know in the first half-day of the clinic and you will receive a full money back refund for your ticket.